It floats from the sky, sometimes, lazy fragile wisps, other times in torrents blown by the wind in a frenzied blur. Whichever way it arrives, it heralds possibilities of untold beauty and at the same time inherent danger and turmoil.

The miracle of nature that is snow, it turns landscapes into vistas of untold beauty, silences the traffic and brings an ethereal stillness. It provides immense pleasure for children and adults alike, but holds within it powerful dangers and the potential to isolate individuals. At the same time the difficulties it creates prompts us into actions of brotherhood.

As silently as it arrives it disappears and once again life returns to whatever is normal.

But does this natural element provide us with a hidden message?

Just as the snow arrives so life changes happen, the only difference being that science can predict the arrival of the snow. Life challenges usually happen without any warning.

But using the snow symbolically; if within our problem we can find a hidden beauty, using the silence for personal communication with the God force remembering the available support of friends and relatives then we have the potential to succeed. To deal with the dangers, to remove the isolation may be even to enjoy the journey the problem presents.

Then just as the snow melts and disappears, as we deal with and overcome the challenge it to will reduce and disappear.

So next time life presents you with a problem think about the snow and its hidden message, it might just be the key to helping you resolve it. 


Minister Alan Rawnsley