The voice of Red Cloud

Listen to the voice of Red Cloud and Estelle Roberts in these newly-discovered recordings. 

Red Cloud stated in 1933, 

“I use the astral body of a North American Indian to speak to you, but beyond that I am an Egyptian.” Red Cloud returned to earth around 1914, stating, “Masters of the Spheres, seeing the gathering war clouds, sent out messengers to the four corners of the heavenly spheres seeking volunteers for the earth.” He first controlled his medium, Estelle Roberts, at Richmond Spiritualist Church in 1925. 

The recordings are estimated to be over fifty years old and have never previously been available on CD. The audio has now been digitally cleaned and restored but it should be noted these are not professionally recorded, so there is still some surface noise, but the speech is clearly audible. 


1. The Voice of Red Cloud 13:58

2. The Voice of Red Cloud (followed by a discussion with Estelle Roberts) 25:10