International Religious Freedom Day is on 27th October 2018

In a modern society with many faith communities working to share their particular belief we sometimes lose sight of the importance of the religious freedoms we enjoy today and all too often take for granted.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee published the following comment:

 ‘The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion (which includes the freedom to hold beliefs) in article 18.1 is far-reaching and profound; it encompasses freedom of thought on all matters, personal conviction and the commitment to religion or belief, whether manifested individually or in community with others.’

Spiritualism through-out its history has often had to fight to receive the recognition it rightly deserves, to be allowed to conduct our services of worship free from the threat of police intervention. So, we approach this day through the lens of personal history and as a religion which promotes and encourages the freedom of thought. We should be prepared to celebrate our own freedom of expression and to stand in support of providing this freedom to humanity as a whole.

We recognise there are many pathways leading to the power we understand as God. As soon as we seek to segregate ourselves or claim that our way is the only way, we have in my estimation damaged a vital diversity in our modern world, and failed to promote an inclusive society for all.

As we mark this day on the calendar, let us pause and reflect on the importance of a spiritual dimension within the lives of everyone in our world. Exclusion, repression, misinformation and hatred only serve to reflect some of the negative aspects of humanity, let’s together make a stand for the many positive aspects which bring a balance to life and a greater spiritual awareness and in turn that will serve to create a better world.

Minister David R Bruton