When the dust settles, the sirens go quiet, and the blue lights are no longer flashing…  Only people walking about with no expression on their faces. No recognition of life as it was. The reality of the horrific happenings that have come to light New Zealand. Our hearts break for each of you. 

For those people who felt so relaxed and safe coming together as friends and family in the haven of their mosque praying and worshipping as they do most days of their lives - suddenly their world was no more. We share in their grief and sorrow.

In that silence life was broken for so many people. The Souls of many lives were taken so unsparingly. Our prayers reach out and embrace their families; wives, children, even their own parents. The relatives of forty-nine people whose families will never be the same again. Life for everyone there has changed so quickly and without warning.

May the love of their God comfort those who have lost members of their families. May they know that not just a few people care, but the whole of the world care and shares in their grief. For the many people who were shot and injured may the thoughts of love and healing bring them easement from their pain and may our love and support help those who need it.

To those who went to the Spirit world so quickly we know that you will be cared for, and we are thankful for that.

Friends in your own way and in your own time express your feelings to God, and then allow your mind to concentrate your healing thoughts reaching out to these people.

May we also thank God for the many blessings in life that we have.

Thank you everyone.