I am constantly surprised (and secretly) disappointed at the number of Spiritualists I meet who do not think that Spiritualism is a religion, and do not believe in God; and then I give myself a nudge and think back to my early days when entering a Spiritualist church… I listened to the messages being given, and I wondered how it all worked.  I looked at the Seven Principles on the wall, some of them I understood and accepted straight away – the Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels, the Eternity of the Soul and the opportunity for Progress. But at first, I avoided the Fatherhood of God. I wasn’t comfortable with it and I did not know quite what to do with it.

As I began to develop my mediumship and to build that experience of and relationship with the Spirit World, the idea of God not only became logical to me but also experiential and real.  Yes, we can connect with the Spirit World and it is a joy to do so, but there is something even greater than that, a power which is sustaining, loving, nourishing, uplifting, holding and constant. This is the power of God.

God can come into our lives in many forms be it in nature, in buildings, in prayer, in meditating, through a kind word or action. God can be experienced in the extraordinary, in moments of wonder and connection, and in the mundane. God exists both externally, out there, and internally, within.

There is no hurry to find or uncover God for God has patience, and God is timeless. God does not wither and grow old or infirm, God’s energy does not dim for God is both eternal and enduring. But once the reality and presence of God is realised then that knowledge and experience is always present, and the relationship on our part, just gets stronger and deeper as we realise the ever-giving nature of God.

Whether we find God or not, God endures, whether we give God time or not, God is there, and whether we love or connect to God, God gives anyway.

Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy