Most of you will have heard of James Bond.  Special Agent with a "Licence to Kill."

Recently a student in a group I was teaching came up with the idea of a Licence to Live! So, tongue in cheek, here are my thoughts...  007 – Seven Principles!

Every one of us is a Special Agent with a Licence to live! We accepted this role when we incarnated. Our mission is to make a difference here on earth.

James Bond was directed by someone call ‘M’ - Well, we are directed by someone called ‘G’! Yes, you guessed it – God!

Bond always seemed to be invincible. Now that is something we can be absolutely sure of. Because we are eternal spirit, pure energy, and thus we are invincible. Nothing and no one can destroy us. Pure energy can never be destroyed, it only changes its form.

So every day we may be called upon to undertake a mission to make a difference. Most of Bond’s missions were to stop warfare and destruction being created by certain individuals.  I am sure that we can undertake such missions and build the power of peace in our world. We just need to begin by making Peace within ourselves, and then use the invincible power of thought to direct that energy to the hearts and minds of those who hold the power of nations in their hands.

However, our daily mission could just be to make another human being feel better. That’s easy!

Start with just smiling at them, as that may be the only smile they see today.

Utilise the creative power of healing which we know makes a difference to anyone in need, whatever their situation.  You can make a difference!

At the end of each day consider what you did today to fulfil your licence to live. When you review your actions you will know if you fulfilled your mission to be God’s special Agent.

Most importantly, enjoy your ‘Licence to Live’! It makes life worth living...