Most of us would agree that we find ourselves living in very uncertain times at present.  Whether the uncertainties in life which we face are very much of a global or political nature, or very personal to our own lives, we know that they have the capacity to unsettle us on a psychological level, but also sometimes much deeper within, leaving us with a feeling of unsettlement, perhaps even despair.

One of the cornerstones of Spiritualist philosophy and our fourth principle; Continuous Existence of the Human Soul reminds us that there is an eternal part of us, the soul, which exists beyond physical life. No matter what happens in our external physical life this part of us is always there, always able to progress and move forward.  When we find ourselves in uncertain times it can be helpful to remind ourselves of this simple truth, remembering that there is an eternal part of us which can never be damaged or destroyed by external aspects of life. 

This too shall pass is a simple expression to remind us that all things in life, particularly the difficult aspects, are transient and everything exists  in a state of continuous change and development.  Remembering this helps us to focus on progression within our lives, and helps us to look forward at times when we can feel stuck or uncertain. 

On a deeper level being aware of the continuous existence of the human soul in times of uncertainty provides us with a very real sense of certainty, one which is ours to hold onto, and one which can never be taken away from us no matter what else may be going on in our external world.

Minister Richard Cuthbert