One of the most important things in anyone’s life, in my opinion, is that of friendship. A friendly smile, being made to feel welcome, being able to relax contentedly at ease with someone or in company with others; it is certainly something to be treasured.  When I first entered my local Spiritualist Church I was instantly aware of the friendly atmosphere, and any shyness I had before entering was quickly dispelled. I felt at home with people I didn’t know, yet felt I had known for a life time. Later came the understanding that although physically we hadn’t met, our spirits were not strangers.  

The Principles were displayed on the wall behind the platform, and as I read them I was obviously pleased to see that the first Principle recognised ‘God’ as our Father, and the Second Principle, The Brotherhood of Man,  confirmed my feelings that I had found what I had been searching for. I have met many people since then who echo my experiences.

In the words of Robert Burns:

 “Then let us pray, that come it may, and come it will for ‘a’ that, that man to man the world o’er shall brothers be for ‘a’ that.”

Minister Nora Shaw