Recent rainfall has brought floods to many in the town I live in, Doncaster. Homes have been totally destroyed and contents ruined.  For some this was the second time in 12 years that they have lost everything due to floods.   Natural disasters such as this bring many unanswered questions; why, how, who?  There seems no sense or reason to these happenings.

Watching people on television, their first reactions were anger and despair… but in a very short time these emotions are put to one side as the communities join together to help one another however they can.  A young man and his father rescued many people and animals, transporting them in a small dinghy, taking them to safety. Others did similar, this was not for a few hours but for days, and rescuers put their own lives on hold to help others. 

Clothing, food, cleaning equipment and toys for the children came in abundance.  Any disagreements there may have been prior to the floods were soon forgotten, and all helped out. It will be a long time before these people have their homes liveable again, but the comradeship will be remembered for even longer.

A lady in her 70s said, “I have lost everything and I have gained everything. I will never forget what these people have done for me. I may never have experienced such friendship had it not been for these floods”


Minister June English