None of us are immune to Acts of God as some people call this new virus. We are all subject to weather conditions, storms, floods, fires. We are all subject at some point to illness. Such things do not discriminate for we are all equal in this great world of ours.

The greater sense of community that once was, where we would help those in need now seems to have been replaced by a greater sense of greed. People have abandoned community for social networking finding virtual families some with different platforms for selling and corrupting those who are vulnerable and weak. Technology used in the right way for the greater good can connect us in good ways, can lead the way in research for cures, for understanding the wonders and beauty of the planet, if not the Universe. It must never replace the need for human contact and real communication where we sense, we give, we interact and feel part of. At this time we are all part of the great Pandemic.

We each live and breathe, we each have much to contribute to this great tribe of mankind regardless of creed, culture, colour, gender, ability. We are here to serve this world. Serve in the way that only you can, your own individual way, be sensible at all times, be mindful of those around us. Sometimes it’s easier to care for those outside the home and just assume that all inside are fine. We can do no more than our best so that we become the kind of friend that would inspire us. Then Breathe, be still and hear the birds sing, notice the blue in the sky and find love in the moment. Be mindful and grateful of this time and the kindness that abounds, the sense of community returning, the earth breathing again, and nature restoring balance once more. We are Spiritualists so be ever grateful and always remember.

Minister Janet Parker