Thank God for our volunteers!

Did you know that there are very few paid positions within the Spiritualists’ National Union? That our whole system is reliant on the contribution of a vast network of volunteers. We have over 320 churches and centres which are kept open, clean, and functioning, delivering services due to the dedication and commitment of church committees and members, all volunteers. Our training and education programmes and services are all provided on a volunteer basis, our healing mediums are all volunteers. It is difficult to even estimate how many people give of their time and energy for the Spirit World to have a presence in this physical world, but for everyone who volunteers within this movement, and there are thousands, that is what they do. They provide an opportunity for the work of the Spirit World to continue. By keeping our movement alive we offer people the potential of meeting God or the Great Spirit within.

In the words of Silver Birch, the Spirit Guide of Maurice Barbanell:

We are all the channels of the Great Spirit. It is a privilege to serve. There is no religion higher than service. Service is the true coin of the spirit. It is noble to serve. To serve is to enrich the lives of others and your own. To serve is to bring comfort to those who think there is nothing left for them in your world. It is in service that we find inner peace, tranquility and repose. It is in service that we obtain steadfastness that enables us to have complete confidence in the overruling power, to strive to get closer and closer to the Great Spirit.

As we serve others so we serve Spirit so we ultimately serve God and ourselves. To all volunteers, whether you are part of this movement or you volunteer in other ways to serve humanity, celebrate yourselves , acknowledge what you do and what others do, and when it feels too difficult or that your work in unappreciated, remember the words of Silver Birch, that there is nothing higher than service!

Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy