Looking at our world at the moment, we are going through a myriad of changes. Some brought on by man’s need to progress in terms of wealth.  We only have to look at searches for more oil, the current situation over the controversial fracking, the need for more movement through travel in the skies resulting in the need for more runways, the need by some to keep acquiring more properties whilst others have nowhere to live. The over-fishing of some waters by those with their large and powerful vessels whereas the independent fishermen struggle with slim pickings. The need or should I say the wants of young children to show off their various new models of technology or their designer labelled clothes. It seems that being able to acquire only the best starts very young these days.

We, by nature, are progressive beings. One would hope that the very souls of man grow as quickly in change as the occurrences going on external to us.  At one time, depending upon which area of our world you come from, it would be a reasonable assumption that if you were from the third world countries you would have less choice to make changes and yet when we look at various degrees of poverty, deprivation, tsunamis and illnesses etc  it could be said that there may be just as many external changes going on in the world of those peoples and so their levels of stress albeit different could be equally as relevant as ours.

 Looking at any big town or city you can see so many people with their heads looking to the ground. Lots will of course be looking at their phones or tablets, so many people finding no joy in life. So many feeling helpless, so many feeling hopeless. Technology does have some good sides in the fact that we can instantly find help with various forms of counselling, some available freely or some to be paid for, there are people who can help or try and help with dependencies or traumas of most nature.  For many, there is the love of friends and family but here we may find discord too. Some have difficulty in communication with family.  In years gone by we had much more community spirit around us than we have now.  Perhaps those who have been raised in a loving and supportive environment will not totally understand as when troubles have assailed them as they do with us all, they all pull together with support in practical and emotional ways.  Not so for everyone, though.

I believe that we are a divided world, I believe we are a divided Continent and I certainly believe we are not a United Kingdom.  Even in Religions, Associations, Industries and families we are found wanting.  We need peace makers in all of society, we need healers to help people to help themselves and we need teachers who inspire us and help bring around that sense of Community once more.  For 30 years I have been communicating with the Spirit world and for most of those years I have been teaching others how to communicate with Spirit. Perhaps I should have been focusing on trying to teach people to communicate with this world. If we truly hold our heads up and open our eyes to look at everything on offer in this great world, all that is free, like the love of others, the nature that surrounds us and the fact that we can be moved by something greater than us then this world can be a place not to just survive in but to genuinely live in and where we have a purpose and that is to find or create harmony in all things. If only it were so easy!  We have as human beings, let alone Spiritualists a great task ahead of us. With the love and power of God we have the tools, we just need to be able to put them to good use.

Minister Janet Parker