My Granddaughter and I were catching up on some TV programmes recently, when I came across the BBC programme Pilgrimage. Some celebrities of different faiths make a pilgrimage to Rome ending with a meeting with the Pope. My granddaughter said she would like to do this pilgrimage, (mainly because of the donkey that was featured, who she would like to meet), but she asked me “Do Spiritualists do pilgrimages and if so were to?” She has already learnt about Mecca, Rome and the various pilgrimages that other Religions undertake in the name of their Faith.

I thought about this for some time… do Spiritualists do pilgrimages and if so where to? Where is our ‘Holy land’? We are not a Christian based religion; we do not worship a figurehead in the same way as other religions do. Our Principles set us, in my opinion, apart from other religions that look to a saviour for salvation.

But I think when we understand Spiritualism, we will find that we all do make a pilgrimage; a pilgrimage that is often difficult and requires a certain amount of bravery to complete it. “Where to?” you may ask. Well, I think Spiritualism takes us on a journey to our true self. It asks us to venture beyond the physical overcoat that we are forced to wear while on this earth, and look beyond to the true self that dwells within.

It acknowledges a truth that we are an eternal spirit, but quite often in this lifetime we lose sight of this. We think that the body and emotions are all that we are, and overlook the true self - the eternal self. Our pilgrimage is not to a holy land in the same way as other religions, but a journey to the true spirit, the eternal being. We will face pain and difficulties on this journey, but the destination is so worthwhile. For at the end of the journey we will strip away illusion and falseness, and we will find the true God that dwells within each and every one of us, not just the chosen few. On our pilgrimage we will find eternal progress that is open to every human soul.

So, when will you begin your pilgrimage, friends?

Minister Jackie Wright