Sitting outside of a Spiritualist church one evening, listening to the rain and trying to move my mind to the evening's proceedings, I suddenly heard laughing and jeering. As it was a dark, cold wet evening I wondered what could be causing such laughter.

Now this particular church happens to be situated next to a pub, and there in the doorway of the pub were men and women pointing and laughing.

So, I looked across and there was an elderly man pushing a shopping trolley with a mattress strapped to it. He kept his head down and steered this trolley the best he could; once or twice the wheels got stuck in the pavement so he added more strength and kept pushing. At one point I held my breath as the trolley seemed to veer towards my car wing mirrors... but no, he pulled it back into line. He seemed oblivious to the laughter and comments that were being directed at him.

It made me realise that we are all like that man. We have a trolley full of problems and issues that we have to navigate through life. We sometimes feel the load is too heavy, but we keep on pushing. Sometimes we are laughed at and told we are foolish for doing the things we are doing, but we try to stay true to our beliefs and dreams. At times the trolley of life may seem that it is gathering speed and running away with us, and we have no control over it. But somehow it always comes back into line. I was full of admiration for this guy, he was on a mission, he had a purpose, and nothing was going to deter him!

Have you found your mission, purpose yet for your life? Or is your trolley to heavy right now and feels like it is taking too much energy? Are you listening to the jeers of others or staying true to yourself?

Remember we are all interwoven in each other lives, the great brotherhood of man. What part are you playing? Are you the jeering crowd, or are you helping your fellow man to push the trolley?

Minister Jackie Wright