Long Eaton SNU Church had made plans to hold a public healing seminar to celebrate the 2020 #HealingAwarenessWeek (May 4th – 10th) but the coronavirus pandemic meant the temporary closure of the church, quickly followed by the lockdown. Undeterred, the church used social media to virtually bring together Spiritualists to send out absent healing at 9pm every evening, and quickly found their list of recipients climbing to 120 and continuing to grow, such is the current need. Absent healing uses thoughtful intention and prayer to send healing to patients who are not in the same location as the healers, known as Healing Mediums.

The healing group at Long Eaton consists of both trainee and accredited Healing Mediums, as well as those wishing to experience the healing power. Joy Hunter from the church tells us how they were contacted by a worried grandparent, whose grandchild was critically ill and placed on a ventilator in hospital. She says, “We sent absent healing immediately, and gave our reassurance that we would send further healing in our daily sessions. The grandmother was able to join in with healing prayers at the same time.”

The group was able to feel a healing connection with their hospitalised patient, trusting that the healing energy would do all that it could. Thankfully, the patient began to recover, no doubt from the skill of the medical staff, but the healing actions also played an important part for the whole family as well as the patient. The grandmother told them, “I feel so much better having you by my side at this time. Your prayers have been a great comfort and will continue to be. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.”

The church has been extremely busy serving their community with healing requests, and no doubt spurred on by the many examples of positive feedback that have made their way back to them. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting us all, so many people have additional needs at this time. Following a request for healing for a sibling seriously affected by Covid-19, they received the following message:

I wanted to thank you myself. My sister is on the road to recovery; still weak but she’s beaten corona and pneumonia. I feel this has happened because of the healing you and the group offered along with your prayers. I can’t thank you enough because it was touch and go at one stage. Please pass on my gratitude to everyone, and I look forward to the time when we can all meet up again.

The work by Long Eaton Spiritualist Church, along with that of many SNU Churches, Healing Mediums and the Union itself demonstrates that the value of healing is not just to the patient, but to the family and friends that are caring for them. Such is the holistic nature of healing, complementary to the amazing work of so many medical and healthcare staff. As Healing Awareness Week reminds us, healing forms an important strand of our wellbeing alongside the many other things that sustain us at times of need.

Joy says, “We will continue to operate in this way until such time as we can re-open our churches, but we hope that our modest little help might encourage those that may have otherwise not been aware of the power of Spiritual Healing.”

Catch up with Long Eaton Church (based in Broad Street, NG10 1JH) at their website and on Facebook.

Healing Awareness Week is supported by the Healing Forum, a collaborative group of organisations dedicated to wellness for all through a network of healing practitioners trained to the highest standards, and following a robust code of conduct. Organisations include the SNU, the British Alliance of Healing Associations, UK Healers and the Confederation of Healing Organisations. You can visit the official site at https://www.healingawarenessweek.org/