Meet Rachel Casson, a world water ski champion in the 1990s. After finding major success in her sport, she has gone on to find a deep fulfilment through Spiritualism.

Rachel's sporting career came to a sudden halt after a serious accident when she was just 20. It saw her smash Photograph of Rachelthrough the water at 105mph (see video below). Over the next two and a half years she had many operations to repair the damage done in the crash.

Determination saw her get back into World Championship skiing, but when skiing was not mentally the same after the crash, and sustained further injuries. After retiring from skiing, Rachel trained as a sports therapist, gaining the skills to help others experiencing pain from their injuries. After reading a book about spiritual healing, she realised that she wanted to know more it. She also found that she was developing an awareness of her own spirituality, and of the Spirit World. This had been with her since childhood, and she found that all her sensitivities seemed to be awoken. To properly explore this, she attended Cambridge Spiritualist Church, and in 2005 took her first course in mediumistic development at the Arthur Findlay College. Like many people who find Spiritualism, she describes the feeling like “coming home.”

After much training, Rachel is now a Spiritualist medium, and has fully embraced the religion of Spiritualism to assist her in life. In particular she bases her personal understanding of life on our Seven Principles. Now a registered SNU healing medium, and an award holder of the SNU’s certificate in speaking and mediumship, she has been able to help and support many people through her work in the religion. Many have been touched by her Spirit-inspired words of love and healing that she shares.

She encourages people to keep an open mind about Spiritualism, saying “It’s helped me so much in my life, and in essence has enhanced it with a sense of understanding of myself and my experiences. It brings a degree of something extra and amazing to this physical life.”

YouTube video of Rachel's water skiing accident