Lorna tells us how Spiritual Healing and Spiritualist thinking helped her to cope with a second traumatic incident in her life.

“My first road accident was in 1983. I was 19. I broke my neck between C5 and C6 due to a drunk driver. I was paralysed from the neck down for two and a half months, and had to learn walk again.

In 2010, my life changed again, this time due to a man having a massive heart attack at the wheel of his car and careering across the road and hitting my car head on.

I broke most bones from the neck down except those in my left shoulder. The five surgeons that re-built me kept saying I really shouldn’t be here, but after 14 operations to date I am able to drive again and get about, all be it limited. I am just truly thankful to be able to do so.

It is much like grieving after a major accident, you have had a loss. A loss of your independence, and the loss of who you were. And then there is the acceptance of how your body looks, as well as functions.

I have been through the feelings of blame and hurt, and asked “why me?” and “what if?” It took me a year and a half to remember there is a reason for everything. I believe we chose our own paths before we came here, so there has to be one.

As a Spiritualist, I now have the belief and understanding that I had to go through all that I have, to be able to help others around me. I may not be a medium who helps people by connecting with their loved ones, but I can help to talk to people who are in pain through loss or an accident. It is helpful all the same.

It is my trust in Spiritualism that has got me this far, along with the help from my family and friends here and in Spirit who gave all the healing and absent healing. Without this I know I wouldn't be here. I always remember there is a reason for everything, and even though it may hurt at the time, it may be a lesson for me or the many people around me.

I still put my heart and soul into each day working for Spirit wherever I can. After the healing support I received to get out of hospital, I promised I would work for Spirit as much as I physically could and help others. To date I am repaying my side of the deal.

I remain thankful for each day and all that I have.”

Lorna, Bon Accord Spiritualist Church