Be Still - Music of Spiritual Unfoldment

This music produced by Rafael Szaban is designed to help create a suitable atmosphere for meditative practices, contemplation or altered state development and is based on the sacred OM mantra chant recorded live under the guidance of Swami Dharmanada Saraswati Maharaj.

The CD has been used by Reiki healers and is also a favourite amongst students and teachers at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies. The mantra is chanted by almost 30 people. Other instruments include: flute, tambura, chimes, bells, sampled Chinese guitar, prepared bells, sampled harp. There are two tracks each lasting about 36 minutes. Both tracks are divided into two parts. Part one is melodic, part two is more calm and creates a peaceful and stilling effect. The CD can be played as one continuous piece with only a short break between track one and two. The 'Be Still' CD was released in 2003 and was the first release on the Indigo Sea Music label.

The music on this CD is designed to help quicken meditative and altered states. -It is based on the OM mantra chant, recorded live, under the guidance of Swami Dharmananda Saraswati Maharaj.

All other sounds have been carefully chosen for their effect on relaxation of mind and body, as well as focusing and withdrawing the physical senses.


Listen & feel the sound!

Like others I tracked this down after hearing it used in one of my yoga classes. It is perfect for meditation, slower yoga practice (i.e. non-dynamic/flow) and as the perfect follow on to Nidra. I have chanted Om as part of practice during a yoga retreat with about 20 others and it is surprising how the sound can penetrate gently to the very core of your senses .....these recordings work just as well as doing the exercise in person. Thoroughly recommended for yoga practice, meditation or just pure relaxation.

Calming, relaxing

Really beautiful, calming and great meditative music.

And still I am

So calming, love it. Beautiful sound. Great for relaxation and meditation. Also just lovely to play when you chillin out!

I love this CD

I use this for meditation and it takes me to a deeper stillness than anything I have used before.
I highly recommend it.

CD was used in my meditation class and I liked it so much that I tracked it down on ...

This CD was used in my meditation class and I liked it so much that I tracked it down. Although it may seem very repetitive it is extremely conducive to self-meditation and I find it very calming.

Brilliant! I love this music and the chants

Brilliant! I love this music and the chants. This is music that you listen to at home or when you are meditating. Ten out ten!
Highly recommended!