An amazing trance healer born in 1914, he began his healing ministry at the age of 15, being trained by the spirit world from the age of ten.

His control, Dr Letari, could accurately diagnose patients; illnesses and administer healing to them at any distance. Lilley worked in the UK, Holland and, later, in South Africa, where hundreds of witnesses, including a number of doctors, watched whilst a diseased bone was removed from a boy's upper arm and replaced by a healthy new bone materialised by the spirit doctor.

Distant Healing Practice:

Sit quietly and relax, mentally asking the spirit healing guides to draw close; feel their presence, take time to allow the attunement to build, don't rush.

When you feel the time is right, bring your chosen patient into your mind. Stay focused on the healing energy and allow the healing guides to do the work.

Ask them to allow you to know what they are doing whilst staying passively observant but present in the moment.

When you feel the energy begin to fade, release your patient from your mind, thank the healing guides and allow yourself to return to normal consciousness.

The healing has been initiated and will continue to work thereafter.