Coral Polge was a dedicated spirit artist for 54 years, passing to spirit in 2001. She was able to create portraits of loved ones in the spirit world, providing evidence of that person and at times even giving their names. This is the nature of spirit art.

This exercise is designed to help you to try to draw a face. For this you need some A4 paper, a pencil and an eraser. Think of a head as being an egg with the broad end at the top and draw this shape on your paper.

Draw a line down the centre of your egg; this marks the centre of the face. Next, halfway up from the bottom, draw a horizontal line which curves up at the outer edges following the line of the cheekbones.

The next feature to mark is the underside of the nose, which is halfway between the eye line and the chin. The mouth line is halfway between the nose line and the chin. The top back of the ear should be level with the corner of the eye, roughly equal to the space from there to the bottom of the jaw. This is the structure of a basic face.
Now you know the basic structure, the next step is to fill in the features.

Allow yourself to open up to the inspiration from the spirit world and, holding the pencil, loosely let the hand flow.