We asked Spiritualists what they would say to people who were curious about their religion. Here are some of the things that they said...

“I’ve been able to let go of my fear of death, but more than that – I’ve become focussed on life.”

“It’s all about life and living, and Spiritualism is helping me to live well.”

“I feel part of a community. Accepted. Valued.”

“I’ve always been searching for something to help me make sense of the big picture. I found it in the Seven Principles. Now I know I can make sense of whatever life throws at me.”

“I was surprised when I went to a Spiritualist church. No one told me what to think. I’ve made my own mind up. I’ve found my own truth.”

"I found out what God means to me."

And most of all, time after time, people seem to say that that Spiritualism feels like coming home.

 “The healing that I’ve received has been so important. It’s helped me physically, but more than that, it’s lifted my spirit and eased my mind.”

“I’ve actually enjoyed all the thinking that Spiritualism has encouraged me to do. Life makes more sense now. I feel stronger. More resilient.”

"My life changed. For the better."

“I’d recommend anyone to give Spiritualism some thought. To begin with, I was impressed by the way it provided evidence for its claims. I soon realised that there was so much more to it. I’m still finding out new things week by week, month by month. I’ve grown so much.”