The Northern district covers the regions from the border of North Yorkshire northward through Cleveland, County Durham, Tyne & Wear & Northumberland. There are 31 Spiritualist Churches/Centre with around 1500 members in our district and over 120 individual Spiritualists who are members of the SNU.


Main contact details, meetings and events are listed below:

All Correspondence to:
Minister Lyn Bradley

 Email: [email protected]


Individual Membership Enquiries:
Mr Richard Cuthbert OSNU
Tel: 07977 825402
[email protected]


Meetings & Events

AGM 28th March 2020

OGM 22nd June 2019, 9th November 2019, 27th June 2020, 13th November 2020

Executive Committee

President  Les Henderson

Tel: 07957 508835

Email: [email protected]

Vice-President Vacant



Treasurer Zena Mitcheson


Secretary & Council Representative Minister Lyn Bradley

Tel: 0191 424 0089

Email: [email protected]

Individual Membership Representative Richard Cuthbert OSNU

Tel: 07977 825402

Healing Representative Linda Finch

Tel: 07947 894920

Email: [email protected]

Phenomena Officer Vacant
Publicity & Public Relations Officer Les Henderson

Tel: 01642 768283

Email: [email protected]

Lyceum Representative Minister Nora Shaw

Tel: 01325 314682

Email: [email protected]

Church Councillor Sylvia Scott

Tel: 07714 945264

Church Councillor Michelle Mosley

Tel: 01748 519723

Email: [email protected]

Church Councillor Andrea Dunn DSNU

Tel: 07814500876

Email: [email protected]

Church Councillor Jaimie Bartle PAS

Tel: 07885 853446

Email: [email protected]

Elective Auditors