Our congregations are becoming increasingly diverse, and using newer styles of music in your services and other activities can widen their appeal and connection with more people. The following songs have all been selected with worship and Spiritualist philosophy in mind, and were written and recorded by Nick Weaver, who records under the name of The Big Heart. They appear here for use in your church with his kind permission, all rights reserved, and his encouragement to feel uplifted by his musicianship. You may recall the track One Drum, One Beat being used at the 2019 AGM, or New Idea of Heaven at the 2020 Peace Service.

They are available to download as MP3 files to play on music players (iPods, tablet devices, MP3 players, laptop etc.) or to burn to CD from your computer.

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Head Office is also taking pre-orders for a CD of these tracks, which will be available at cost price.

Tracks include: Love Is The Only Answer, Unity, The Love You Give, Heal Yourself, Draw Near, Soul fire Give All The Love You Can, Listen Beyond The Words, You Are My Strength, One Drum, One Beat, A New Idea Of Heaven, Let The World Awake To Love, All I Want

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How to download all tracks:

For easy download, all tracks have been compressed into just one ZIP file (Size:87MB).

1. Click on the blue button below to access the file in our Google Drive (opens in a new window).

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2. Here you will see the file called "Music From The Big Heart.zip" which you'll see contains all the tracks from the CD. The download button is in the top righthand corner, as circled here:

3. Click the download button. This will download the ZIP file to your computer, allowing you to unzip/extract the MP3 files ready for playing, or burning to a CD. (Windows, MAC and Linux machines have a built-in facility to open ZIP files.)

Download / sample individual tracks: 

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Song Lyrics

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Discover More 

You can also listen to and download Nick Weaver's other work here: https://thebigheart.bandcamp.com/music

Here is a sample of Nick's music, Let the World Awake to Love (lyric video), which is included in the download / CD: