The  Basic Lyceum Education Course.

This is a tutor led distance learning course which can be taken as a written course or on-line. It gives a basic education about the Spiritualists Lyceum Union and the activities of the Lyceum as well as some of the rich history of the Lyceum Movement. Lyceumists are encouraged to take this course to improve their understanding and because of the fund of knowledge that is contained in the course.

A Leaders course.

All Lyceums are led by a Conductor. This is someone who has proved themselves capable of leading the activities of the Lyceum. To this end there is a Leaders Course which is held at Cober Hill in Scarborough. This is a residential course which is designed to help the students to access and use information and how to pass it on to other students.

A pass mark in both of these SLU based Courses is accepted as part of the elements required to attain a c.s.n.u.(E) from the SNU Education system