Year of the Environment and much more!

In this first issue of your magazine for 2020, and a new decade, I hope you find something to inspire you as a Spiritualist. The world around us is changing rapidly, but thankfully there is much evidence in our religion that we are all making efforts to stake our claim as a relevant movement for today. You’ll read about some of this in these pages. You will read several reports on interfaith activity - a reflection of its growing importance. Last issue, we explored the value in striving to be outward looking. Interfaith is an important aspect of this, bringing valuable connections and a higher profile. Perhaps in the past many have felt disheartened by Spiritualism’s reception, but as you’ll see things are moving on. Spiritualists are confidently inviting others to rethink their religion. It’s working! People are impressed by what they see. We need to keep up the pace…


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