Course Costs

SNU Individual, SNUi & Church Members With Printed notes £40.00
Without printed notes £25.00
NON Members  With printed notes £50.00
Without printed notes £35.00

TPS1 Teachings and Practice of Spiritualism 

If you wish to complete the Platform Accreditation scheme you need to complete the PAS application form above

The TPS1 is included in the Platform Accreditation Scheme price

This course is the accreditation level academic element of the Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS) and SNUi Platform Accreditation Scheme (PASi). It is the starting point for all speaker and demonstrator exponents. The course has the following eight sections:

  1. The History of Modern Spiritualism and the Development of the SNU
  2. The Teachings of Spiritualism
  3. The phenomena of Spiritualism
  4. Development and training
  5. Speaking: Preparing the address
  6. Mediumship: Demonstrating the Evidence
  7. Prayer
  8. Code of Conduct 

                                                                                                                                              APPLY NOW                                                                                                                                

BLEC - Basic Lyceum Education Course

A course devoted to all aspects of Lyceum education and training, both theoretical and practical. This course is administered and run by The Spiritualists' Lyceum Union.

The course sections are:

1. History and growth of the Lyceum

2. How Lyceums run

3. Philosophy

4. Inspiration and creativity

5. How we live our lives today, The Lyceum Way