Course Costs

SNU Individual, SNUi & Church Members With Printed notes £40.00
With PDF notes £25.00
NON Members With Printed notes £50.00
With PDF notes £35.00

LM1 - Leadership & Management

This course is the accreditation level academic element of the Church Accreditation Scheme
(CAS). Its focus is on running a SNU church. If this course is completed as a stand-alone course,
it remains valid for five years from date of completion for entry to CAS. The course has the
following eight sections:

1. The History of Modern Spiritualism and the Development of the SNU.

2. The Teachings of Spiritualism.

3. The Church in the Community.

4. Church Leadership and Management.

5. Church Services and Activities.

6. Education Training and Spiritual Development.

7. Church Rules.

8. Promotion and Fundraising.
      Appendix 1 - Rules for Churches 2018.
      Appendix 2 - Rules for Churches 2021.

This course is currently unavailable, please keep checking the website for further updates.

M1 - Ministerial Duties

A course designed to assist those who conduct official ceremonies such as namings, weddings, funerals and other Ministerial duties. This course covers the following sections:

  1. The Role of the Ministry

  2. Importance of official services and the role of readings 

  3. Naming Services           

  4. Wedding Services           

  5. Funeral Services           

  6. Dealing with potential problems    

  7. Pastoral and confidential talks          

  8. Prison Visiting           

  9. Hospital, nursing homes and hospice visiting          

  10. Safeguarding

*This course is open to Officiant trainees only*.