CSNU (h) - Healing

Before applying for this award, a candidate must be a Registered Accredited Healing Medium and have completed the SH2/H2 education course. They will be issued with a logbook that contains the information required for the award including training sessions required to complete the criteria. The pre-FAB training sessions must be completed to the satisfaction of the trainer.

The Final Assessment is arranged by EEcom. A candidate must complete a private interview and an oral test of ten questions based on courses studied, 'Healing Code of Conduct' and knowledge of the SNU. The candidate must also give a prayer suitable for a Spiritualist public healing session and give healing to two patients (one by contact healing and one by distant healing), to last no more than twenty minutes. The candidate is also required to deliver a talk to a new Trainee Healing Medium about basic healing techniques from initial contact to completion (fifteen minutes).

Previous study required: Accredited Healing Medium, SH2/H2 course.

Registration Fee: £50.00

Final Assessment Fee: £40.00