SNU Publicity & Promotions Committee is encouraging members, churches and centres to support this important initiative...

Following a passionate speech at our 2016 Annual General Meeting, where we learnt that one of our much-loved Ministers had dementia, we decided to encourage our members to become Dementia Friends, and our churches and centres to to hold Dementia Friends sessions to raise awareness in our communities.

The Principles of Spiritualism encourage us to look after each other, and by finding out about dementia through becoming a Dementia Friend, we can all learn to give better support to those affected by and living with the disease.

Our mission was given a boost by Tony Stockwell at an awareness and fundraising event at Colchester SNU Church. Tony, pictured above with PPC Chair Joy Clark, expressed how pleased he was to endorse “such an important cause that has affected members our community.” The supportive congregation also gave the Alzheimer’s Society a financial boost by raising £1243 for the charity. We also teamed up with them during Open Week at the Arthur Findlay College, and held an awareness raising stall, and a Dementia Friends session. These informative sessions, which churches and centres can easily host, are a fantastic way to change how people living with dementia are seen and supported by their communities. If you would like support in hosting a Dementia Friends session, we can help you with this – it’s a great opportunity to put Spirit in Action, and for congregations to make a difference in their community. Contact PPC for further info, or to tell us about your community and charity initiatives so that we can share your inspiring work, contact [email protected]