The GDPR does not specifically refer to personal cameras however some guidance to consider is:

  • Let people know before you start recording. In some scenarios this is going to be quite easy because you will know everyone within close view (for example, if you are taking a group photo at a family barbeque). In other scenarios, for example at the beach or the park, this is going to be much more difficult so you’ll need to apply some common sense before you start.
  • Think before sharing. Think carefully about who’s going to be looking at the images, particularly if you’re thinking about posting them on social media. Avoid sharing images that could have unfair or harmful consequences.
  • Keep the images safe. If they are not necessary, then don’t keep them. If you do want to keep them, then make sure they are kept in a safe place.
  • Organised events. If you are hosting an event and wish to take photographs of people attending you must declare that you may share these on social media, Church/Centre Newsletter, SNU Today etc as this will enable those who do not wish their photograph to be shared to make a decision not to be in the photograph.