Everything you need to know about training to be an SNU healer...

The objectives of the Healing Accreditation Scheme is to ensure that Spiritualist Healing Mediums registered with the SNU Exponents Committee have undergone a procedure of training, education, experience and assessment, whereby they can demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill sufficient to attain an Approved Spiritualist Healing Medium status as determined by the SNU Healing Committee.

All Trainee Healing Mediums have to complete the training within five years, although training can be completed in no less than one year. During this time they undertake the formal training requirements of the SNU Exponents Committee in accordance with the Code of Conduct & Healing and the Law. Trainees must pass the H1 – Foundation Healing Course, thus gaining theoretical knowledge, and during the training period have practical experience, under supervision, on all aspects of the healing group's work. After this training period Spiritualist Healing Mediums may apply for an upgrade assessment to become an Approved Spiritualist Healing Medium status.

On satisfactory completion of training and assessment, the trainee will be upgraded to Approved Healer status and possess the skill and practical experience needed for the practice of healing in the United Kingdom and within the SNU.


Joining the SNU Healing Accreditation Scheme

You must be either be:

A member of an SNU Church and have been invited to join their Healing Group,


A full or provisional Individual Member of the SNU and sponsored by an SNU Approved Spiritualist Healing Medium or SNU International, who will oversee your training. Trainee Spiritualist Healing Mediums must be Full Individual SNU Members when applying to upgrade to Approved SNU Spiritualist Healing Medium status.


Initial Fee for Registering as a Trainee Healer is:

Church Member Individual Member
UK Applicants (Ex Personal Accident Insurance) £76.50 £71.50
UK Applicants (Inc Personal Accident Insurance) £81.50 £76.50
Overseas Applicants (Excludes All insurance) N/A £68.00

Individual Members 



For Overseas Students 



For Church Members & Pay by Installments 


Requirements before upgrading to Approved Healer Status

Please make sure you read and complete the following before applying:

  1. Completion of 100 practical healing sessions. If spiritualist healing mediums attended practical healing sessions more than once a week they can receive up to a maximum of two signatures per week in their logbooks.
  2. Passed, at A or B grade, the SNU Education Committee H1 Foundation Healing Course
  3. Must attend 3 district review sessions which are arranged by the District Council Healing Sub-committees. Overseas students must attend these review session on-line through SNUi classrooms (held in English only) Or alternatively, must attend the SNU Exponent Committee 2 Course at the Arthur Findlay College/Centre
  4. Submission of a Logbook, that lists experience and Review Sessions attended
  5. Submission of two patient references

After all the above is complete you must apply for upgrade assessment and send the appropriate assessment fee of £33.00


To find out more about training as an SNU Healer, please contact:

Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU Healing Co-ordinator [email protected]