Trevor Critchley

It is with great sadness that I announce, on behalf of the SNU Trust Trustees, the passing to spirit of Trevor Critchley, who passed early on 24th December.  Trevor is known by so many people across our Spiritual Family due, perhaps predominately to his role as Chair of the SNU Trust, but also due to the extensive service and support Trevor provided to churches and various committees across the SNU.

Trevor held positions on a range of charitable organisations outside of SNUT and the SNU, giving up his time so willingly to help promote deserving causes.  Trevor's financial acumen and leadership as Chair of SNUT brought positive change and new ways of working to ensure progressive improvements for staff, fellow Trustees and Member Churches.  Trevor was highly respected for his sincerity, wisdom and knowledge, and for the relentless work he undertook for humanity, society and Spiritualism. As we all lose a friend and dedicated stalwart for Spiritualism here on Earth, we have no doubt that Trevor will be continuing his excellent work in the spirit world and will be greeted by so many friends and pioneers who have passed before him. 

We send our love to Trevor as he begins his new journey in the next life and given thanks for the privilege and honour of knowing a true gentleman of great standing, high values, principles and morals.  God bless you Trevor for all you have given to each and every one of us, as our thoughts go out to Carol and your family, as well as all the staff at Burton End, at such a sad time. 

Jane Barton 

Trustee - SNU Trust