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Course: SH2 Spiritualist Healing

This course is the certificate level academic element for the CSNU(h). It is the second stage of development for all healing mediums. If this course is studied as a stand-alone course, it remains valid for five years from date of completion for CSNU(h). This course covers the following six sections:

  1. Principles of Spiritualist
  2. The Role of the Passive Healing
  3. Healing
  4. Healing Upgrade
  5. Places for
  6. Intention, Prayer and Alternative Absent Healing.


Course: H3 - Theory of Spiritual Healing

This course covers the following sections:

1. The Human Constitution 

2. The Theory & Philosophy of Spiritual Healing 

3. The Mind

4. Healing

5. Frequency & Vibration

6. Development 

Previous SNU course study is recommended before enrolling onto the H3 Course.