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Course: G2 - Church Organisation

A course explaining the constitution of the church, publicity meetings and discussion groups, healing clinics, conduct at services, development circles, fund-raising, publicity and other church activities. This course covers the following sections:

1. Objects, Principles & Membership 

2. General Meetings  - Duties of Church 

3. Church Public Services & Publicity Meetings

4. The Lyceum within a Church 

5. Church Library & Literature

6. Formation & Conduct of Development Circle 


Course: G3 - Spiritualists' National Union Organisation

An introduction to the SNU, together with its administration as a charity and a limited liability company, and how this is achieved within the District Councils and the Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union. This course covers the following sections:

1. Background, History & Purpose of the SNU

2. Composition, Membership & Meetings

3. The NEC, The Council, Administration, Complaints & District Councils

4. Standing Committees: Accreditation Committee & Communications Committee

5. Trust Property & the SNU Trust Fund of Benevolence

6. The Spiritualists' Lyceum Union, SNUi, The Arthur Findlay College & The Barbanell Centre