The very fact that you are reading this means you have discovered our brand-new website; this represents many hours' work invested by our staff and volunteers and with the support of Raising IT, our website design company. As I travel round the country meeting fellow-Spiritualists, there is always one issue which tops the agenda for discussion and that is the state of the current SNU website and how difficult it is to navigate.  The old website, which was commissioned many years ago, had over 800 pages of information, much of which was out of date, so we decided to approach the commissioning of the new site by starting with a clean sheet of paper with a view to bringing a fresh, modern approach to our digital interface with the world. Everything you see here today has been written afresh; we have not simply copied or cut and pasted large blocks of text from the old site to the new.

In addition, what you see here today is only the beginning: we have begun with a basic outline to provide our users with a clear idea of what we, as the largest Spiritualist organisation in the world, do and how you can get involved. The main public-facing side of the site is designed and populated to allow the general public to gain a clear understanding about our religion and its future, with a dedicated Q&A section to cover many questions people have when they first learn about Spiritualism. The dedicated members area holds much of the information crucial to making the most of your membership and providing you with the necessary support to allow you to grow and develop within the movement.

It is also great, as part of the launch, to welcome back our online shop, which we have missed dearly over recent months, allowing you to browse a wide range of books and Spiritualist-related merchandise from the comfort of your own home, all of which can be delivered to your door.

We also provide links to the brand-new SNUi website, the new Barbanell Centre website and the Arthur Findlay College site; we plan a new AFC site to go live in January, launched in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the College opening to the general public.

We have deliberately started with the basic, must-have subjects with a view to extending the site into the future. The joy of the new design is the fact that it sits nicely on multiple platforms, so if you are accessing from your smartphone or tablet the site still looks good and is, most importantly, user-friendly.

The option to find a Church in your area is now so very simple: enter your postcode and the site does the rest, directing you simply and efficiently to your nearest SNU-affiliated Church.

I could go on but why not explore for yourself? We would really appreciate your feedback on how you find the new site and what you would like to see by way of improvement.

The SNU will now also move forward with social media; our Facebook pages are already well subscribed but as part of the launch we have also established a Twitter feed, so standby for the SNU tweets: @SpiritualistSNU

I would like to say a big thank you to Alv our Communications Director, Rachael our General Manager, and James our website and graphics wizard, for all their hard work to finally make this long-held dream a reality. Thank you. Enjoy!

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Thought for the day

‘The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.’

Paul Valery


Minister David R Bruton