Photograph of Vi KiplingViolet Kipling was a renowned inspirational speaker and her greatest contribution to the SNU was during the years when she was the Chairman of the Education Committee.

She was one of the first teachers to share her knowledge of Spiritualism on the internet through teaching in classrooms on the SNUi and other websites.

She became a Spiritualist in 1968 and was a member of the National Executive Committee of The Spiritualists' National Union for many years.

She receive her Long Service Award in 1998, was appointed to the Fellowship of the Spiritualists' National Union in 2004 for her work on 'The Myths and Misunderstandings of Spiritualism' and was granted the Award of Merit in 2006.

She served on the Guild of Spiritualist Healers and ran courses at the Arthur Fuindlay College, including experiemental weeks working with scientists, she became the secretary of a group called PRISM (Psychical Research involving Selected Mediums), of which Professor Archie Roy was Vice-Chairman. Vi was a forerunner in getting scientists to research mental mediumship.

Her philosophy inspired and invigorated so many people, for Vi had that ability in her address to take one on a journey spiritually, lifting one higher with her every word. From her tiny frame but her big heart, when Vi spoke, words came like a cannonball exploding in a volume of knowledge and light, such was the power of her words, the calibre of which transformed and changed the lives of those who listened.