Known as the Bangs sisters, May and Lizzie were famous for their precipitated paintings. Produced in broad daylight, these pictures simply appeared on canvas.

Very often the manifested image would be a portrait of a known person in the spirit world and very often these pictures were known to change after they were produced.

Take a sheet of paper, a length of string and three different colours of paint; fold the paper in half, drip a small amount of each colour paint on to an inner half of the sheet of paper, coil the string  within what  is now an envelope of paper with one end of the string protuding , press down on the paper, compressing the string, paint and paper, then slowly withdraw the string.

Now open the paper and see what image is inside. Look into this image from different angles and see what pictures are contained within. You may even see faces or recognisable objects. As the paint dries, keep looking, as the images can vary often change.

Alternatively, you could use a piece of cartridge paper; thoroughly wet the paper with clear water and a paintbrush, and then allow several different colours of paint, one at a time, to drip on to wet paper.

Do not let the brush touch the paper.

Leave to dry and then read in the same way as for the previous exercise.