Wisdom of Ramadahn - Ursula Roberts

This book has been compiled from the teachings of Ramadahn, a spirit guide speaking through his entranced medium Ursula Roberts. His tape recorded words have been transcribed by Muriel Hill and Audrey Ward in the hope they will give a measure of comfort, upliftment, or guidance at a moment when you are in need. 

When reading it is sometimes necessary to remember that he frequently refers to human people as spirits, meaning spirits incarnate in human bodies. This may confuse readers accustomed to thinking of spirits only as discarnate entities.

This Edition

From the time Ramadahn first manifested through the mediumship of Ursula Roberts, his wisdom has been recognised and revered by all who have heard his talks or have read his words. 

Unfortunately, the volumes The Wisdom of Ramadahn and More Wisdom of Ramadahn, have been out of print for some time. We feel very proud and honoured to be instrumental in the reprinting of these books. 

Opening any page will bring the gentleness, wisdom and compassion of Ramadahn very close to all readers, for these words will never lose their quality and relevance. 

Often, during the question and answer time at the end of his lectures, Ramadahn would call for Rushing River to come forward to answer the questions ‘raised on healing and medicine. Regrettably, this delightful spirit did not produce material for publication but when reading any of the books by Ramadahn or Ursula you will find traces of his knowledge, and also his joy and delight in life in both worlds.