TPS2 Course Notes Teachings & Practice of Spiritualism

Course Notes TPS2 Teachings and Practice of Spiritualism 

This course is the certificate level academic element of the Certificate of Recognition of the SNU (CSNU) and SNUi Certificate of Recognition (CSNUi). It is the second level for all speaker and demonstrator exponents. If this course is studied as a stand-alone course, it remains valid for five years from date of completion for entry to CSNU or CSNUi. The course has the following eight sections:

1. The Teachings and Practice of Spiritualism.

2. Meditation, Inspiration and Attunement.

3. Developing Speaking Mediumship.

4. Developing Communicating Mediumship.

5. Taking Part in a Service.

6. Public Speaking and Platform Presentation.

7. SNUi and Online Work.

8. Different Types of Meetings.

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