TPS1 Teachings and Practice of Spiritualism

Course Notes TPS1 Teachings and Practice of Spiritualism 

The services we hold in our Churches and online are often the first introduction many people have to the religion of Spiritualism. It is therefore of the utmost importance that our exponents who take the services are trained and knowledgeable. This course is designed to help students explore what is required to be a speaker and demonstrator at SNU services. Representing Spiritualism in this way is an important responsibility and should not be undertaken lightly.

The development of SNUi has brought Spiritualism to a much wider potential audience and those taking part in activities online must also be well prepared and trained. The practical aspect of the Teachings and Practice of Spiritualism course (TPS1) is Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS) or SNUi Platform Accreditation Scheme (PASi). It deals with training for those who wish to work at SNU services in the 'real world' or online. For the purposes of this course all references to PAS include PASi. Students can study this course without taking part in PAS and it must be completed within three years.

This course is the accreditation level academic element of the Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS) and SNUi Platform Accreditation Scheme (PASi). It is the starting point for all speaking and demonstrating students. The course has the following eight sections:

  1. The History of Modern Spiritualism and the Development of the SNU
  2. The Teachings of Spiritualism
  3. The phenomena of Spiritualism
  4. Development and training
  5. Speaking: Preparing the address
  6. Mediumship: Demonstrating the Evidence
  7. Prayer
  8. Code of Conduct 

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