The Bridge by Alan Stuttle

The Bridge is written by the father of murdered backpacker Caroline Stuttle whose life was cut short whilst following her dream in Bundaberg, Australia 10th April 2002 at the age of 19. Alan Stuttle has always kept diaries so a natural instinct was to immediately write down the events that followed. The changes in emotions from day to day, even hour by hour, in time realising that at some later date these very private emotions and grieving process might help someone else to know that they are not going quite mad after all. From numbness to anger to tearfulness, taking blame, screaming ... you name it and it has been experienced. It is called a natural grieving process yet it feels far from it.

Follow the journey with Alan, it helped him and if it can help another, then a life lost may help the sanity of another.

Includes the Diary One Hundred Days of a Father's Mourning