Soul Cards - Angie Morris

This set of 52 powerful beautiful images will speak directly to your soul. The accompanying guide card suggests ways to deepen your experience of the cards and foster personal insight.

Use Soul Cards by yourself, with a partner, or in a group. Use these powerful beautiful hand drawn images to stimulate wisdom, insight, creativity and healing. For example you can empty them into a basket or glass jar and pick a Soul card message everyday. Or, when faced with a decision, shuffle the deck, centre your mind, and choose one card to help guide you in the right direction.

The more you use these cards, you will find that your connection to the divine universal life force will grow. Additionally if your perform readings for others, profound realisations will occur in your life, as well as in theirs. 12.5cms x 7cms x 2cms

User Reviews

Fantastic Cards *****

Wow 🤩, these cards are absolutely stunning, even more so in person. The detail in each hand drawn card is exquisite. Love that they’re printed on black back ground. These are A* high quality cards.