SNU Today Magazine Sep 2018

SNU Today is a great insight into what's currently going on in around SNU spiritualism, it features articles from many members and Ministers of our religion.

In this issue we talk about 'Near death experiences' Near-death experiences are of interest to many Spiritualists. Who better to ask about the afterlife than those who have had a brief encounter with it? a fascinating article written by dutch researcher Pin Van Lommel. The mysterious life of Maria Hayden one of the only pioneering spiritualists without a single photograph in existence! Sharon Debartolo Carmack takes a look back at the mystery surrounding Haydens life. We also feature churches and important changes being made around the SNU.

Our magazine has a wealth of information for members and anyone associated with spiritualism, it also serves as a great insight into the SNU for those interested in our movement, or perhaps those who are curious to find out more about what Spiritualism can offer.