Silver Birch


The medium of these circles was left anonymous and for over thirty years his identity was a mystery. The sitters and later the stenographers of this intimate circle were also not generally known. 

When you read Silver Birch’s teaching, you must understand that it is all written down by an expert stenographer, who is often tested severely to keep pace with the rapidity of Silver Birch’s speech. On no occasion has a single word to be altered. Silver Birch’s words flow in perfect English. Only the punctuation marks have to be put in, and even for these there is always a natural place which could not be mistaken. 

“Who was the medium for Silver Birch?”  This question has been referred to as the best kept secret in Spiritualism. The answer was not revealed until it was published in The Two Worlds of 24th August, 1957 by the paper’s editor (1957c–1981), Maurice Barbanell, who revealed himself as being the trance medium through whom Silver Birch communicated. Today this fact is well known.