Red Cloud Speaks - Estelle Roberts

Without doubt, Estelle Roberts was one of the most respected and psychically talented mediums ever. A natural medium, her gifts first manifested when she was aged eight, gifts that Mrs Roberts continued to demonstrate until she passed on aged 81. As a child, spirit voices, she said, “talked to me all the time. They told me things I didn’t know, that I could never even have guessed. This book contains teachings from her guide, Red Cloud. 

They are as relevant today as when he first spoke them simply because truth does not alter. It is for all time. “Gaze upon the face of a flower and note its beauty,” he advises. “Inhale the perfume which rises gently to your nostrils. In that moment of silent admiration, you reach God’s garden and your spiritual home. For home with God can only be in beauty, whatever way you seek it. 

“Perhaps you will find it on a summer’s evening as you gaze across the sky, the sun setting in its beauteous colourings and the gentle moon rising. Your heart and soul with wonderment are filled with the beauty of God’s kingdom and its blessings. Thus, you find inspiration, for you are awakening and sensing God.”