Namaste - Richard Newall

Presents five thought-provoking tracks drawn from various recordings. This selection of tracks has been put together as the perfect accompaniment to healing, be it Reiki or just relaxing in your search for inner peace.

A varied and inspirational selection of Richard’s compositions. They invite the listener to engage with the music.

Honour and worship the divinity within you. Music for healing, relaxation and meditation

One Voice Music

One voice music is dedicated to bringing you the finest recordings specialising in music for meditation and healing. The beautiful music, and inspired words of Richard Newall will take you on healing journeys in to your soul where transformation can manifest. The world wide acclaim of Richard's albums has reached four continents and his reputation continues to grow. The collaboration with the finest lecturers in metaphysics Richard Newell's haunting melodies form the background to several stunning recordings, with internationally recognised lectures Thelma Francis and Eamonn Downey.