Myths and Misconceptions of Spiritualism - Vi Kipling FSNU

Vi Kipling is one of Spiritualism’s most respected teachers. She has a mind that is both sharp and intolerant of nonsense. That is why when she chose the subject matter for her SNU Fellowship she chose The Myths and Misconceptions of Spiritualism, this book is her thesis. 

During the years that Vi has been involved with the Spiritualist movement there has been a steady erosion of its core beliefs with the migration of many ideas and theories from other belief systems. Also much nonsense, which owes its origins to Hollywood, is now accepted as fact. 

This book is a no holds barred, straight talking, attempt to put the record straight. To open people’s eyes to see that the truth behind Spiritualism is so simple, that there is no death and that there is nothing to fear from those that have gone on before us to that place Spiritualists call the spirit world. 

Read this book and say goodbye to fear, forever.