My Greatest Story - Hanna Swaffer

‘My Greatest Story’ is quite a title considering the many great stories Hannan Swaffer wrote in his long and distinguished journalistic career. He was in his day one of Britain’s most well known theatre critics and editor of some of the UK’s leading National Newspapers. However in this book he is not concerned with his journalistic genius but with his life-long belief and support of Spiritualism, working at the heart of Spirit communication through his home circle and close working relationship with Spiritualism’s greatest mediums, including Estelle Roberts and Margery Crandon. 

His circle was where Maurice Barbanell gave voice to Silver Birch, arguably the source of the best spirit philosophy of the twentieth century, which is probably what he is remembered tor today and yet those who know anything of his life can say that Hannan Swaffer should be regarded as so1neone who kept Spiritualism alive through the turbulent war years, arguing the case for its authenticity in the face of wide-spread establishment hostility and prejudice.