Magician to Mystic - A Mediumistic Path to a Spiritual Life

Magician to Mystic speaks to chose of us who seek the sacred source of our everyday inspiration and mediumship. Brian Robertson and Simon James reveal the sacred principles behind trans-communication and take us on a path of awareness toward the revelation of our own spiritual nature. They revitalise aspects of ancient wisdom which lie at the core of the healing art of trans-communication, an art which is at risk of vanishing altogether in an age that offers it up as mere popular entertainment. Above all, we are encouraged to unfold the spirit within us and thereby create the beauty we wish to see in the world. This book is a must for any serious student of the sacred art of mediumship, and a spiritual gift to all chose who seek their divine creativity.


Reader Reviews

 Highly recommended

The pages will take the reader through the various avenues of psychic and spiritual development – underlying the stages and phases of development of conscious awareness, leading to a well-disciplined development of mediumship on a solid foundation. This is well demonstrated by the writers’ extensive knowledge and teaching abilities to clearly define and emphasise these various stages, the pitfalls, understanding and philosophy of the development of mediumship throughout the book.

The book gives an esoteric heritage of the mediumistic foundation: “Our work is an outflowing of esoteric knowledge deeply rooted in ancient spiritual thought and expressed throughout history’s cultural and religious traditions.” The chapters nicely bring together the phases of understanding and development; Chapter six, for example, is the “Three Aspects of Being”; these are the primary aspects of our being – spirit, soul and physical body are discussed, leading to psychism and mediumship. The ensuing chapter focuses on energy, vibration, aura and colour, etc., leading to becoming a balanced medium in Chapter eight. These constitute just a small portion of the book; other subjects include altered states, e.g. trance mediumship and healing, etc.

Magician to Mystic, eighteen chapters, 187 pages, complete with a glossary of terms. References, list of illustrations, information about the authors and their Inner Quest Foundation.  

This new book comes highly recommended.

-Paul J. Gaunt

Curator of the Britten Museum & Library, housed in the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted.  

(Photo) Brian & Simon book signing at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted

A book for all seekers of truth

Simon James and Brian Robertson give us a treasure, a book for all seekers of truth. They move us beyond the smoke and mirrors of waking perception to the reality of the spiritual connection that rests in the heart of all Creation. They open wide the portal to all who authentically wish to move within in search of the dwelling place of the Eternal, the hidden origin and source of our being. Their presence emanates from each page, creating a joyful and true guide to all pilgrims of the way. I predict it shall be cherished and consulted over and over again.

-Janet Piedilato, PHD Author of Pieda’s Tales,Creator of the Mystical Dream Tarot.

An Important and original book

This is an original and important book. It casts its nets far beyond the usual limits of mediumship, delving into the deeper places upon which the practice draws. Ancient mysteries, powerful myths and truths that transcend time and place enrich the subject matter and offer some skilful methods of working with Spirit. I particularly like the way the authors ask questions throughout - challenging established assumptions about mediumship and opening the way to a deeper understanding. Strongly reccomended.

A most engaging and informative book

I greatly enjoyed reading Magician to Mystic and found it to be one of the most engaging and informative books I have read that discuss practical, as well as theoretical, aspects of theurgy and mediumship, or "transcommunication". Mediumship is considered in contemporary contexts but also in the light of ancient roots as an expression of natural spirituality. Mediumship is discussed, in depth, as a sacred intuitive and esoteric art that is defined by the authors as Theurgic Mediumship. A discerning synthesis of ancient and modern knowledge is presented with reference to deeper teachings from a range of mythological narratives and skilful references to the Hermetic tradition, mystery school teachings and the perennial philosophy also abound. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading it again, soon.

A beautiful Spiritual book

Can't put this book down. I was gripped from the first chapter. As a spiritualist I'm always reading different books for knowledge however this one is beautifully written & the knowledge flows through the pages. A joy to read x

Magician to Mystic

This is a truly wonderful book drawing on western philosophy and spiritual traditions. Its honesty and integrity leap off every page. All seekers of wisdom will find something in this beautifully constructed book. This is a rare find and I cannot enthuse enough.