MAC 1 Course Notes SNU History and Organisation

MAC 1 Course Notes SNU History and Organisation

This Course is designed primarily to encourage all trainee Officiants to expand their knowledge of the administration and organisation of the Spiritualists’ National Union. 

From this course you will learn how the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bye-laws complement each other in directing the affairs of the Union; the effects of being a company limited by guarantee and a charity; the privileges and responsibilities of the various classes of membership; the composition of the National Executive Committee (‘NEC’), the Council, District Councils and Branches; how by election and/or appointment of Committee members the democratic control is maintained by the membership of the Union. 

As the student works through the various sections of this course a picture will begin to develop of just how large an organisation the Spiritualists’ National Union is and how, through the NEC, Council, Standing 

Committees, District Councils, Lyceum Union and SNU International (‘SNUi’), it is endeavouring to bring about a wider recognition by the general public and a unity from within the Spiritualist movement. It is necessary that the course notes contain certain obligatory subjects, such as the History of Spiritualism, the Structure of the SNU, the Philosophy of Spiritualism, and the Law with respect to Mediumship.

Please note: To enrol onto the course please contact Head Office, you can purchase the course notes for reference but this will not automatically enrol you onto the course.